The Quarterly Oppressor

The Quarterly Oppressor: Good Slags Are Hard to Find

How to avoid hiring people who suffer from the delusion that they have value and deserve to be treated with respect.

The Quarterly Oppressor: An Obedient Slag is a Happy Slag

Much like a dog or a small child, the dregs who haunt the cubicle foundation of a corporate empire need boundaries.

The Quarterly Oppressor: Buzz Speak, The New BS

As any overlord worth his six figures will tell you, real information is best kept under lock and key.

The Quarterly Oppressor: Mission Statement Mistakes

Ever wonder what separates a real corporation from some schlub with a small business and a cheap lawyer? The answer is a mission statement.

The Quarterly Oppressor: Keeping the Slags Happy

They go by many names. Pencil pusher, stapler jockey, cubicle monkey. Here at The Oppressor, we call them slags.

The Quarterly Oppressor: 60 Years of Oppression!

Yes, lords and ladies, this edition marks the beginning of our 60th year of helping our readers oppress the working masses!