The Day the Love Bug Died

In the end, the lies peeled away like cheap, desiccated paint, flaking away to reveal the ugly truth. No one loved the Love Bug for his own sake. The truth was that people only loved him because he was a winner. Technology advanced too far for even his indomitable spirit to overcome and with every race he lost the facade cracked and fell away that much more.

Disgusted with his failures his final owner stripped him for parts and left him to rust in a field, where he rots to this day, a shell of his former self, an old broken husk, immobilized and riddled with bullet holes, but unable to die.

Grieve for this wretch but hold your pity in reserve, for one day the Love Bug will have his revenge. Woe to his victims for the unspeakable horrors they will endure.

Photo by Peter Pryharski on Unsplash