Guy Fawkes, What Have you Done to me?

I was minding my own business
When this woman made this
Remark about toxic masculinity.

I am not a special snowflake
I take critique with no bellyache
But found her words toxic with salinity.

So I did what all good men must
And fussed it was unjust
To paint me with the brush of misogyny.

It’s not about you she dismissed
Don’t enlist straw men in this
You are showing your male fragility.

I could see that she was confused
She used words that accused
I said she was speaking emotionally.

She blocked me then and it was plain
The pains I took to explain
Were lost on her mental inferiority.

Seeing now that I was oppressed,
Depressed I expressed
With a Guy Fawkes mask, my nonconformity.

Photo by Ahmed Zayan on Unsplash