Friday Free Verse: Vulgarity

Meet me in the kingdom of absurdity
where we can laugh at the facts as they splatter
against the walls of our mania.

We will bathe in the entrails
of reason as it is eviscerated
by the golems of our fear.

Meet me at the altar of outrage
where we can smash the babies
of our enemies upon the rocks.

Should they object we’ll dance a jolly jig in the infant viscera
while we admonish them to keep a civil tone.

Meet me at the circle of logic
where we can laugh at the petitioners
who chase our crazy pinwheels of thought round and round.

When they collapse we can flay them alive
and festoon our lands with their desecrated corpses,
a warning to other do-gooders that we offer no quarter
to those who would spoil our revelry.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash