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Black Suit of Death

A depressed college student stumbles across alien technology that threatens to strip him of his humanity… and then hilarity ensues!

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The Black Suit of Death comic book series picks up nearly 10,000 years after the arrival of the Black Suit of Death (B.S.D.) on Earth. Throughout human history the B.S.D. has been piloted by many great men and women. It is the basis for humanity's many stories and myths of the Angel of Death, the Boatman, and the infamous Grim Reaper.

A mixture of sci-fi, horror, and humor, the Black Suit of Death is a character focused series following the lives of a young man battling depression and his friends. It will explore depression, suicide and how we cope with trauma and extreme situations. Having battled depression most their lives, the writers have tackled these subjects with the same tool they use in their own personal battles: humor.

Pickle Fork

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Pickle Fork is a humor/satire/absurdist publication on If you enjoy my blog, you will probably enjoy Pickle Fork.

I’ll be in my Trailer

This is an ongoing series of satirical movie reviews for movies I haven’t seen, based entirely on their trailers. I started this series as part of a school project years ago and then let it collect dust for a few years. I revived the series and published several editions on That’s Not Current. Now I will be publishing them on my blog and syndicating them to

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Other work

In addition to satirical blog posts, I have several short stories, a novella and a novel in progress.