Serious but silly


The majority of funding for any Kickstarter rolls in during the first and final week. You start with the excitement of a new launch and finish with the urgency of a ticking clock. With just a few days left on our current Black Suit of Death Kickstarter I feel like I should have something profound to ...
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Black Suit of Death #2 is Funded!

thank you

One of the most nerve wracking parts of the writer’s life is submitting work to a publisher. We all hope for the sweet validation of a publisher writing back to say, “this is good, here’s some money.” We also fear the rejection that is much more probable. We will examine a rejection letter ...
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Review: Black Suit of Death #1

bsd 16x9

The Black Suit of Death is my favorite comic book. Yeah, I co-wrote it, but so what? Who better to provide an objective evaluation of a creative work than someone who has devoted countless hours of effort to making that work a reality? Conflict of interest, you say? Don’t worry, writers can’t have ...
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