Review: Black Suit of Death #1

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Wednesday May 31, 2017

The Black Suit of Death is my favorite comic book. Yeah, I co-wrote it, but so what? Who better to provide an objective evaluation of a creative work than someone who has devoted countless hours of effort to making that work a reality? Conflict of interest, you say? Don’t worry, writers can’t have conflicts of interest.

Chances are you haven’t heard of Black Suit of Death. That’s ok. I won’t judge you. Not for that anyway. That secret habit yours, you know the one I’m talking about, I’m judging you for that. Gross man. Gross. Anyway, The Black Suit of Death is an independent comic book series written by me, E.R. Ellsworth and Benjamin J. Kreger with art by Dexter Wee. It's about a depressed college student named Edd Grimes who finds a biomechanical suit of armor created by a mad scientist on an alien planet to solve an energy crisis.

I know what you’re thinking: “that sounds an awful lot like the plot to Everybody Loves Raymond.” I assure you, it is nothing like that. There’s no nagging wife who's way too hot for her idiotic shlub of a husband, no overbearing mother-in-law, no people getting cut in half with a high-tech glowing scythe in almost every episode. Ok, so there is a bit of that last one but trust me we got the idea way before Ray Romano. On a side-note, everybody does NOT love Raymond. I hate Raymond. His voice makes me want to cut someone in half with a high-tech glowing scythe.

I digress.

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Issue #1: Endings and Beginnings shows Edd’s struggle to finance his education and figure out his love life. When these two problems merge into one Edd decides life isn’t worth living and wanders out into the desert intending to die from exposure. Instead he finds the Black Suit of Death. This makes me jealous because I’ve never found anything that cool in the desert and I’ve gone hiking loads of times. Also, you’re not allowed to take stuff you find from most public lands. Edd doesn’t obey this rule.

This is a great first issue in my humble and totally not biased opinion. It introduces the characters and sets the tone for the future of the series. The art is so good you might wonder why Dexter Wee isn’t working for Marvel or DC. I wonder that myself but I’m glad he’s working with Warrior Innkeeper Creative instead.

I was a little disappointed that the titular suit only appeared at the end but I understand the reasons for this. The creative team has assured me that the next issue will prominently feature the B.S.D. in action. I’m inclined to believe them, since I’m part of that creative team. I try not to lie to myself unless there’s candy involved.

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If this is your first introduction to The Black Suit of Death, I have good news: you can get started with the series without spending a dime. Anyone who subscribes to the Black Suit of Death email list will get a free copy of the zero issue: Ides of March, which tells the tale of the suit’s origin on the distant planet Utopia IX.

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Then, once you are hooked on the series and craving the next issue like a junkie looking for his next fix, you can check out Issue #1 on ComiXology. After that you might consider backing the Kickstarter for Issue #2 when it launches on 6-6-17.