Comic Book Noob

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Monday March 20, 2017

I'm a creative writer who happens to find myself working in the comic book medium. I like comic books, but I can't claim the same life long devotion of my fellow creators. I’m also a firm believer that one must believe in their own product, or it will never sell. With that in mind, I have set out to really become a part of the comic book world.

I have to say, it isn't as easy as I might have thought.

My day job is web development. It’s an industry full of jargon, tribal knowledge, and a mountain of new things to learn every day. In some ways, comic books feel the same way to me. Even if you just consider Marvel and DC, there are still hundreds of titles. I read that there are over 6,000 issues of Batman. As someone who likes to start at the beginning, I'm not even going to look at a series like that. Then there are variants, reboots, crossovers, alternate versions, etc. For a noob, it’s intimidating.

Fortunately for me (and for the rest of comic book fandom, in my opinion) the Internet has given us a thriving independent comic book scene. So I don’t have to pick up a story 6000 issues in. There are plenty of new books coming out every day, and from what I’m seeing, many of them look a lot more interesting than anything Marvel or DC has to offer.

For example, I recently discovered Blood and Gourd, a comic about pumpkins rising up to take revenge on humans for years of being carved. What a hilarious concept! Of course I have to mention my own work, The Black Suit of Death from Warrior Innkeeper Creative, about a college kid who stumbles across the alien bio-mechanoid suit that has been responsible for the Grim Reaper mythos. Do the Big 2 have anything remotely that original? I doubt it.

I still face the dilemma of choosing from hundreds (if not thousands) of titles, but at least there are plenty of places where I can get in on the ground level.