Unlawful Art


Jerry dipped his brush into the paint and made a single red slash on the canvas. He put the brush down and picked up another. Before the second brush could reach his paint palette the Intellectual Property Protection Agency kicked in the door. Burly, armor-clad agents swarmed into the room like ...
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Review: Black Suit of Death #1

bsd 16x9

The Black Suit of Death is my favorite comic book. Yeah, I co-wrote it, but so what? Who better to provide an objective evaluation of a creative work than someone who has devoted countless hours of effort to making that work a reality? Conflict of interest, you say? Don’t worry, writers can’t have ...
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I have the same conversation every morning

sleepy lily

Alarm: It’s time to get up. Me: I need 5 more minutes. Alarm: Ok, I’ll remind you again in 5 minutes. Alarm (5 minutes later): You should really get up now. Me: That was never 5 minutes just now. Alarm: Time is the entire purpose of my existence; I think I know what fucking time ...
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The Poor Must Suffer

child labor

Are you a good, hard-working American? Are you tired of your tax dollars paying for lazy people to play Xbox and eat lobster all day while you toil away in the coal mines that Obama shut down? Do you wish all these no-good leeches would either get a job or die? Congratulations, the politicians you ...
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3 Ways to Empower Your Writer's Block

old typewriter

For many people the biggest obstacle to being a writer is all the writing involved. Writing can be hard, you have to think of things and then solidify those thoughts into words, sentences and sometimes even paragraphs. If you don’t do this the prevailing wisdom is that you are not a writer. If ...
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Why These People Hate Stephen King's Clown Movie - I'll be in my Trailer

IT 2017 Pennywise

I’m going to do something a little different for this edition of I'll Be In My Trailer. Instead of reviewing the Stephen King Clown movie I’m going to address a controversy that the mainstream media seems content to ignore. In the process I hope you will come to understand why I’m not using the ...
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